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Opiate Addiction Treatment in Knoxville at Victory Treatment Program. 

Need help kicking opiates? Know a friend or family memeber who needs help? There are treatment options available that can make the difference between being addicted and living a normal productive life. Victory Treatment Program In Knoxville TN is an outpatient program that utilizes Vivitrol to promote and achieve long term recovery. 

Vivitrol is a once a month injection that is non-narcotic, non-addictive, and cuts cravings. When utilized with counseling or intensive outpatient therapy, patients have a real shot at recovery. The program accepts all insurances and offers an affordable self pay option. 

Interested in learning more? Check out Victory Treatment Program on Facebook & Twitter or click the link for our website. Our providers are trained in addiction recovery and are highly qualified to formulate a plan of care that works for each patient. 

Call 865-337-7812 today and schedule a consultation. 

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