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Treatment Program

Vivitrol to Treat

Addiction is a disease. Treating addiction as a disease allows the professionals at Victory to assist the patient in a much larger capacity. Treating the physical as well as the mental elements of the disease encompasses the entire patient as a whole. 



We offer a calm, trusting environment. Our clinic is like a family atmosphere and puts the patient at ease.



Stacey is up to date on the latest treatment options and offers her patients choices in their recovery. Keeping the patient engaged in their treatment plan strengthens the relationship between patient and provider as well as promotes higher recovery rates. The development of the therapeutic alliance between patient and provider is an important factor in a positive outcome.



Victory acknowledges cognitive behavioral therapies, medication management and detoxification are the most productive forms of alcohol and drug addiction treatment with the highest success rates. Utilizing a variety of therapies aides the patient to modify behavior, build the skills necessary for abstinence, develop coping skills, and improve personal relationships.



Victory treats the entire person, holistic care. In addition to the physical and mental aspects of addiction, we address nutritional deficits, screen for disease, instruct on "addiction recovery friendly" meal planning, and supplements that promote healing.





Structural and Theoretical Foundation of Victory Treatment Program


Victory's program addresses the entire patient utilizing the Whole Person Care Model. Victory also practices on the foundations of the following theories that intertwine:


  • Matrix Model

  • Motivational Model

  • Community Reinforcement Approach














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Vivitrol shot, vivitrol clinic in knoxville, vivitrol provider, TAADAS member, goodman center, westbrook medical center, knoxville vivitrol
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