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Successful Recovery Court Session in Roane County TN, Judge is Hopeful.

Roane County Recovery Court has promising goals as it held its second session today. Roane County Judge Humphrey addressed his Recovery Court with praise and a smile as he offers the participants an opportunity to turn their lives into something productive and promising. Participants addressed the courtroom with a rundown of their past week events and goals for future weeks. The Honorable Dennis Humphrey was encouraging then stern in his expectations within this program. The participants were all receptive to the plan of recovery and rehabilitation offered by the officials.

Ashley Freeberg serves as the court's coordinator and demonstrates great knowledge in the field of addiction and recovery processes. Ashley holds court participants to a strict weekly schedule with check-ins, meetings, and drug screenings. Her ability to relate to these participants by holding them accountable and lifting them up simultaneously radiates as she addresses the courtroom.

Others who are facilitating the court consist of District Attorney Russell Johnson, members from the Public Defender's Office, and Janiece Foust from West Care. The county received a state grant to assist in the costs to manage and maintain the recovery court.

Victory Treatment Program located at The Well House in Kingston attended both today and the inaugural sessions. As addiction recovery professionals, Stacey Maltman FNP-BC and Candace Templeton FNP-C see the dedicated workers of Roane County offering up a real chance at sobriety to those who might otherwise be serving jail time with little to no access to recovery programs. Great job!

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