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Recovery Court Begins in Roane County TN, Giving a positive option to drug related offenders.

Today Recovery Court in Roane County TN went into session. Judge Humphreys led the courtroom in it's first successful session in hopes to make a positive change in the community. The courtroom was packed with city and county officials, medical professionals, correction officers, and press.

The program is intended to give a positive option for drug related offenders in hopes to make a change in the community. With a set plan involving mental health professionals from West Care, participants can recover from addiction and rejoin society productively.

The Well House in Kingston TN made it's presence known by providing information about their Vivitrol Program, Victory. This treatment option is a once monthly non-narcotic, non-addicting injection that blocks the brain's receptors and cuts cravings. Vivitrol gives the added boost needed to maintain sobriety.

Vivitrol is used in conjunction with counseling to encompass all aspects of addiction. Victory Treatment Program will be working in conjunction with West Care to provide excellent care for patients.

For more information on Victory Treatment Program, please see or call 865-248-8728

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