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Westbrook Medical Center in Knoxville Advertises the Vivitrol Shot, all area Clinics will expect hig

Vivitrol (Naltrexone) is an injectable medication that assists in the treatment of Opiate and Alcohol Dependence. It is a once a month injection that binds the receptors in the brain and helps stop cravings. Many patients have successful recovery with the use of the Vivitrol Shot in conjunction with counseling.

Stacey Maltman FNP and Candace Templeton FNP are the providers who launched the Victory Treatment Program, a narcotic free program, in Kingston TN earlier this year. The two nurse practitioners are promoting this program to the surrounding counties of Roane, Morgan, Cumberland, Loudon, and Knox. Just a short drive from west Knoxville, The Well House offers services through their Victory Vivitrol Program that are unique.

Victory Treatment Program offers assistance with payment for the injection through direct access with the manufacturer of the drug, Alkermes. Most insurances offer some form of coverage while TennCare pays 100% of the cost. Cash paying patients (no insurance) qualify for a special rate as well. Although this medication is expensive, Victory will work with you on options for payment.

The providers at Victory offer 24/7 access to excellent care. This is a unique benefit to this program that allows patients the peace of mind knowing they can reach out for medical advice from someone they trust when they need it. Patients at Victory know they will never be left alone.

Other programs in Knoxville offering Vivitrol include the Goodman Center and Westbrook Medical Center. For more information call 865-248-8728 or visit or

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