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Victory Vivitrol Treatment Program, near Knoxville in Kingston TN. Vivitrol Providers, Vivitrol Shot, Stacey Maltman FNP, Naltrexone, The Well House.

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Victory Treatment Program is dedicated to your success in recovery. We specialize in Outpatient Addiction Treatment of alcohol and opiate addiction using the VIVITROL®  (Naltrexone) injection.


Your success and ability to remain substance free is the reason Victory exists. We will guide you and lift you up so that success is within your reach.


Our program is designed to ensure your successful path by partnering with local programs and other medical professionals. 


Stacey Maltman FNP-BC is the founder of Victory VIVITROL® Program at Maltman Medical Center in KNOXVILLE, TN. With over fifteen years experience, Stacey has the desire to assist those with substance dependence and is dedicated to addiction recovery. 


Our nurses and laboratory technicians are specially trained to administer the VIVITROL® Injection and undergo periodic training and check-offs with the providers and medical director.


In addition to the excellent experience and training, all staff members are compassionate and caring. Several have personal experiences coping with the addiction of loved ones and assisting them personally.

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While each patient is different, research shows the Vivitrol injection has excellent results in patients who have opiate or alcohol dependence when paired with counseling.


Individualized treatment plans consisting of counseling, the VIVITROL® injection, medications, support meetings, acupuncture, relaxation techniques, exercise and spirituality assist our patients in the recovery process.

Victory accepts most major insurances, including Medicare and TennCare.

We offer an affordable self-pay option for the uninsured.

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