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Vivitrol Shot in Knoxville Clinic, Victory Treatment Program offers Outpatient Opiate Addiction Trea

Victory Treatment Program in Knoxville TN offers outpatient treatment of Opiate and Alcohol addiction with the once a month Vivitrol Shot. This form of treatment offers a real shot a recovery for those struggling with addiction. The once a month non-narcotic injection blocks receptors in the brain that can cause cravings for opiates and alcohol. Patients must detox before receiving their first injection, but no worries, Victory Treatment Program offers Outpatient Detox so patients can detox at home with medications that ease their symptoms.

We all know how difficult it can be to procure a bed in an inpatient facility, this form of treatment allows access to those who need it most! Medications to ease detox and then receive your injection. Once a month appointments make it easy to keep your job or allow time to look for employment. Victory Treatment Program is accepting new patients every day, most insurances accepted & there's even an affordable self pay rate for uninsured.

Call today for your appointment. You have a real shot at recovery with the Vivitrol Shot! Call today! 865-337-7812

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