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Steven Tyler Speaks Up About Addiction and the Death of Icon Prince

Prince. Many of us grew up listening to his music and consider him one of the musical icons of all time. Sadly, with his recent premature death, the question has arose if addiction or overdose was the cause. The 911 tapes reveal a confused caller who is unsure of what to report. It is just a tragic situation.

In the light of Prince's death other celebrities are speaking out on addiction. Steven Tyler reports to People his addiction almost killed him in the 80's. His ability to obtain sobriety from the highly addictive cocaine is credited to hitting rock bottom.

Steven Tyler refers to his addiction as a "disease" and accepts the deaths of prior Rock-N-Roll icons such as Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix by acknowledging that they didn't die in vain. Their death allowed others such as Tyler who struggled with addiction to "wake up" and get sober. Tyler was involved in the addiction movement in Washington D.C. in 2015 and is currently an advocate for recovery.

Tyler stated "That's the only way to stop me from crying is to say, okay, maybe Prince died so others could live." It is unfortunate that Prince's death had to occur to raise the topic of addiction and recovery into the global media. This topic should be addressed regularly given the opiate addiction epidemic in the United States. Certainly, having advocates such as Steven Tyler is beneficial in awareness education.

Details on Prince's Death have not been released and the singers body has been cremated.

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