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Vivitrol Shot, Is it the Answer? Mike Pond and the Documentary "Wasted" would scream YES!!

Mike Pond has a unique story to tell. At first glance it sounds like every other alcoholic's story, but when you dig deeper you realize it is different. Mike had it all, he was a successful mental health professional with a family. He made the mistake that many who suffer from addiction make, he chose his poison over happiness, security, family, career, and life.

Mike Pond lives in British Columbia and most of the treatment "programs" there are lacking structure and licensed counselors. The majority of people who are fortunate enough to receive treatment for addiction are those who are financially stable, in the law profession or belong to a union. Mike Pond was none of those things when he so desperately needed help.

He went from one thing to the next, losing more and more until he had nothing, literally nothing but the clothes on his back. His addiction had driven him to the point of no return, or so he thought. He found his answer to sobriety in Bellingham, Washington. The Vivitrol (Naltrexone) injection curbs cravings and assists in sobriety for individuals who are opiate or alcohol dependent. A person should be detoxed prior to starting the injection treatment and utilize counseling with the medication. Like Mike, those who have a genetic disposition to drug or alcohol addiction benefit greatly from this medication.

Vivitrol is available in several treatment facilities as an adjunct to behavior modification therapy. Alkermes, the company that produces the drug, demonstrates effectiveness in a published pilot study that shows those who took the once a month injection had less cravings and higher overall success with recovery. Mike filmed his journey to recovery and it will air in Canada on January 21 and is titled "Wasted".

Vivitrol worked for Mike Pond, a man who came from generations of alcoholics and was genetically disposed to alcohol abuse. He overcame adversity being in and out of rehab facilities and living on the street. Mike Pond got his life back, he is a true success story.

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